Discovery & Engagement Manager for East Bangalore

  • addresshealth
  • Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Dec 21, 2016
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Job Description

Role: Discovery & Engagement Manager, School Health Program

If you are a young dentist who has good people skills, with the ambition and vision of being part an exciting venture in healthcare,we have a great opportunity for you to work in Bangalore as Discovery & Engagement Manager, School Health Program for AddressHealth.

Why is this job attractive and special?

·         Opportunity to work with a young & dynamic team that is pioneering the concept of pediatric primary care continuum in India

·         We will provide an excellent training program on engagement with schools and the concept of pediatric primary care continuum

·         Good Salary with opportunity to earn additional incentives on offer.

·         A great opportunity to grow to managerial/senior operational level.

·         Opportunities to work as clinician in a branded set up also exist , if interested

We are looking for cheerful and confident young dentists, who have good communication and people skills and are looking to work in new healthcare contexts.

A desire to learn is an essential attribute!

About The Company: -

AddressHealth is a company which currently focuses on providing primary health services to children in Bangalore. Our work is designed to improve continuity of care in pediatrics mainly delivering preventive and promotive health services.

Our primary health model reaches out to children through their school, at their homes and at friendly neighborhood integrated child health clinics. Our multidisciplinary team of doctors, dentists, nurses, psychologists, nutritionists, counselors and other health experts is enabled by a strong technology backbone and telehealth media.

We currently serve over 30000 children in over 25 schools and 10 pre-schools in Bangalore.For more visit

AddressHealth’s School Health Initiatives

Comprehensive Health Package for schools: AddressHealth provides comprehensive school health programs to various schools in Bangalore, to fulfill mandatory and optional health needs of these schools.This include:

·         Health Education for staff, students & parents

·         Screening for major health problems of childhood

·         Physical examination/ Health Checks including dentistry & optometry

·         Mental Health assessments & Adolescent Health Programs

·         General Hygiene, Diet and Nutrition Management

·         Health Talks & Health Capacity building for schools

Our school health Programs are based on international best practices and match WHO guidelines for school health.

Your job as a Discovery & Engagement Manager, School Health Program, would essentially be to grow our school health initiatives across Bangalore by engaging with schools, coaching them on emerging health needs and getting them to discover the benefits of AddressHealth’s school program.

Specific Skills & Requirements

The boxes below summarize some of the abilities that we would be looking for and the qualifying criteria to be fulfilled.

Desired Skill Set

·         Confidence - in facing top management in schools

·         Communication Skills – Good interpersonal communication with persuasive skills

·         Presentation Skills – for concept education & promotion

·         Persistence – in obtaining new school accounts and creating new opportunities

·         Commitment to the cause of children’s health and increased awareness in the community

·         We are looking for a person who is keen to learn & sincere. We appreciate individuals with the ability to adapt and take on new tasks.

Hard work, flexibility in working hours and willingness to travel will be appreciated

Essential Qualifications for the role:





 Fluency in English is a must


Additional (Not Essential) Criteria:


Candidates with own mode of transport and valid license would be preferred



Knowledge of Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and other common languages in Bangalore



Knowledge of different locations in Bangalore.


Detailed JobDescription: -


You, as Discovery & Engagement Manager, School Health Program, would be the interlinking force between our organization and schools/preschools in Bangalore, where we are conducting our School Health Program. You will on one hand have to build a rapport with your target schools, impress them regarding the importance & urgency of health delivery in schools, coordinate the execution of the events around the Program. You will also have to present to schools regarding the professionalism of AddressHealth and seek their interest in our School Health Program.

The following are the essential areas of work for the position:

A.   School Liaison: To develop and maintain a professional relationship with top school authorities.

B.   Concept Promotion & Presentation: Talking to school management about the concept of school health, convincing them about the need for comprehensive preventive school health Programs.

C.   Coordination & Execution of school health Programs:To coordinate available resources to ensure the proper on-time execution of all activities of the school health Programs.

D.   School Dentist: Being part of the school health check up team from time to time, to examine children’s dental hygiene and report as per protocol. May also be involved in delivering health education sessions in schools.

We would encourage those who want to go on for acquiring post graduate education in health management/ public health, as well provides opportunities to work in clinical settings in branded chain of integrated child health clinics for those who are interested. We will provide comprehensive training to equip you to fulfill this role.


Your monthly gross salary would start from Rs 16,000/- . It can be higher if you have the requisite experience and talent. You will also be eligible for incentives, based on achievement of targets. All work related travel, mobile bills and incidental expenses are reimbursed by the company. You will receive a laptop and mobile phone from the company to help you smoothly carry out your work. The work timings will be from 9 to 5 (Mon to Sat)


So if you are the right person for the job please send your CV to [email protected]at the earliest.