Interns and Duty Doctors

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  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Sep 09, 2016
Full time Internship, Resident, Duty Doctor Jobs

Job Description

Responsibilities 1. Examine patient using medical instruments and equipment. 2. Order, execute tests, analyses diagnostic images to provide information on patients condition. 3. Analyzes reports and findings of tests and of examination, and diagnoses condition. 4. Administers or prescribes treatments and drugs. Inoculates and vaccinates patients to immunize patients from communicable diseases. 5. Advises patients concerning diet, hygiene, and methods for prevention of disease. 6. Would keep abreast of the developments in his/her professional field and remain up-dated. 7. Would be responsible for the renewal of  her membership with registration board of the respective Professional regulatory body. 9. Other related duties as the job requires.   Skills 1) Sound medical skills to work independently in the center. 2) Pleasant and friendly personality with a desire to work in team. 3) Ability and willingness to treat all the patients with the utmost kindness and consideration in all situations. 4) Ability to work and handle pressure with multi-tasking skills.   This might involve travel within the city as needed. This position has a huge potential to grow with one of the fastest growing online medical service platform.   Candidate should be able to join in a month