Dietician and Nutritionist

  • Brahmax
  • Gurgaon, Haryana, India
  • Jun 30, 2016
Full time Dietician, Nutritionist Jobs

Job Description

As a Dietician and Nutrition Consultant with Doctor Insta, you will be required to maximize the health and wellbeing of patients. You will be prescribing diet as per human  physiology and calorie intake, considering the pros and cons of various diseases while keeping in mind the health of your patients. Ideally you would be required to offer guidance on:   ● Weight Loss / Gain & Malnutrition   ● Medical Conditions (Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Cardiac, Thyroid Etc.)   ● Eating Disorders & Food allergies   ● Fatigue & Low Energy Levels   ● Sports Nutrition, improving athletic performance   ● Pregnancy / Post Pregnancy issues   ● Digestive problems   ● Child Nutrition   ● Conducting full nutrition assessments, understanding food allergies and food preferences   ● Developing and tracking customized Diet and Nutrition Plans to help patients achieve health goals