Medical Doctor

  • Brahmax
  • Gurgaon, Haryana, India
  • Jun 30, 2016
Full time Doctors, Surgeons, Medical Officers

Job Description

As a Medical Doctor with Doctor Insta, you will be required to treat and manage a wide range of medical conditions by conducting a diagnosis virtually on the basis of  the symptoms detected on video conferencing with the patient and his/her past health records. You would be required to interview people with health complaints and conduct examinations and gather the information necessary to make the diagnosis, investigate, treat and refer as appropriate. Ideally the job will involve you to diagnose and prescribe on basic medical    ● Cough/Cold/Flu/Allergies   ● Sore Throat   ● Travel, Sports Injuries   ● Skin Issues / Rashes   ● Diarrhea & Vomiting   ● Eye conditions   Qualification: Minimum Requirements are:   ● MBBS +3 year of experience in Medicine, or   ● MD Medicine with 1-3 years of experience   Skills: Along with a formal education and work experience in this field, other skills that are    necessary for this role are:   ● Ability to monitor and assess the health of individuals to make improvements or take corrective action   ● Sharp listening comprehension skills in order to hear out the patients and conduct effective diagnosis    ● Good command in English as well as in other local languages   ● Basic computer skills & don’t need much guidance   ● Fast learner because every selected candidate will go through a unique training    ● Inclination to service orientation – Actively look for ways to help people   ● Interpersonal skills to listen to patients and understand their medical struggles   ● Persuasion skills to convince patients to change their routine and habits