Duty Doctors

  • HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd
  • Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Jul 30, 2016
Full time Internship, Resident, Duty Doctor Jobs

Job Description

·         All Files should be filled.

·         All investigations should be arranged serially.

·         Once in a week, all files will be scrutinized.

·         All the important BIO MARKERS should be written date wise in a separate sheet. If possible graphically they should be presented.

·         If Radiation is over, Radiation Summary sheet should be there in.

·         See that drugs are given properly by the sisters.

·         See that intake/out [put charts should be filled.

·         All surgical notes must be there:-

o   Intra-operative Notes.

o   Pre-operative investigations

o   Post op Biopsy report

o   Mention if any complication.

·         If chemotherapy is going on – please inspect the IV site, administration timings.

·         If a patient is allergic to any drug, please mention it in BOLD at the front.

·         Any consultant, in the round should be accompanied by the Duty Doctor.

·         All patients should be attended on call, at any point of time.

·         All the dressing in surgical ward mainly or any other ward should be done by Doctors/Sisters.

·         All Doctors should follow duty hours, very strictly.

·         In the weekly meeting all details will be discussed.

·         When any blood transfusion is going on the doctor. Should verify all the records and they should start on their own.

·         Must attend all medical procedures like Catheterization of the patient intubation etc