Medical Administrator

  • Kauvery Hospital
  • Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Dec 07, 2016
Full time General Admin, Others

Job Description

Clinical Expertise

  • Plans and organizes to provide high quality medical services to the patients registered at the unit.
  • As part of the medical team, actively participates in responding to medical/health problems presented by patients including registration, investigations, diagnosis, treatment, follow-ups and referral as appropriate.
  • Ensures periodical review of the medical records of all registered patients and evaluate the respective management plans.
  • Maintains effective communication between Consultants, General Practitioners and other relevant clinical labs / agencies concerned with the hospital
  • Provides appropriate health promotion and preventative health care initiatives
  • Facilitates continuing medical education (CME) programmes for the benefit of consultant doctors and referral doctors.

Operational efficiency and effectiveness

  • Recommends suitable policies related to medical service.
  • Implements organizational policies and procedures for the facility or medical unit.
  • Provides direction, supervision pertaining to medical services, nursing and paramedical functions.
  • Monitors and evaluates performance of clinical services on an on-going basis
  • Manages the day-to-day clinical operations of the hospital.
  • Coordinates the actions of all departments and ensures they function coherently.
  • Study the existing systems and processes in operations and identify gaps
  • Review the in charges from time to time.
  • Monitor patient safety, Infection control levels, patient security and satisfaction levels.
  • Monitors and works towards drastically reducing medication errors and other procedural errors through structured training and developmental programmes.
  • Monitor customer complaints / satisfaction levels and enable corrective actions to reduce complaints and enhance satisfaction levels.

Performance of Existing Departments

  • Work with the clinical department consultants and HOD and see ways and means of improving the performance of the departments.
  • Coordinate with other departments including business development, Finance, Purchase, Operations and HR and get work done in order to full fill the resource requirements of the department.
  • Monitor foot falls, Bed occupancy, revenue generation of every department and work with the respective teams to improving the same.
  • Understand and sort out departmental issues and escalate to next level in case of major decisions / interventions.

Introduction of New Departments

  • Identify need for establishing new clinical facilities for specific target groups
  • Work with business development team to understand the new requirements and demands of the market.
  • Propose requirement for new clinical department to the management and submit a project plan with all the workings and justifications
  • Get the plan approved and mobilize resources to establish the new department.
  • Identify Sr. consultants, HOD, doctors and other staff required to run the new department successfully
  • Mobilize resources in terms of materials / equipment’s to establish the new department
  • Coordinate with other departments and operationalize the new department. Monitor performance and work towards improving the same.
  • Work with the BD team to implement promotional activities and doctor references for the new department and increase revenue.

Information Technology

  • Study and understand the IT needs of the hospitals and identify areas where data integration is required.
  • Works with IT in charge, and operations to develop suitable IT systems that provides the required output data for analysis and improvement

Performance Management

  • Works with the unit head in order to plan department goals and specific individual goals and KRAs
  • Monitors the individual KPIs on an on-going basis and tracks performance trends
  • Meets the team members regularly and provides constructive performance feedback and guide them to improve their performance.
  • Periodically appraise their performance and identify gaps in performance.
  • Work on suitable compensation and rewards / recognition systems to motivate and retain good talent

Facilitate Business Development (BD)

  • Monitors the business development on an on-going basis; trouble shoot where ever required to ensure smooth and effective implementation of BD plan
  • Reviews and monitor the BD initiatives and the outcomes from the same. Provides guidance and explain the requirements
  • Trains the BD team on the medical facilities available in the hospital and motivate them to improve the foot falls through effective BD initiatives.

Clinical Safety Measures

  • Establishes safety committee and through the committee sets standards at all levels including patient safety, equipment safety and employee safety
  • Ensures periodic safety committee meetings and enables compliance to safety standards as required under various statutory / regulatory guidelines.
  • Ensures conduct of regular safety training and audits and measures against established standards.
  • Guides the safety committee to take corrective action and preventive action on safety based on the audit feedback
  • Through the safety committee drives important areas like Infection control, Biomedical waste management, Patient transportation, control of Medication errors / procedural errors etc. Takes steps to control errors in pharmacy

Quality Management

  • Evaluates practice in relation to quality / regulatory standards, relevant statutes and ensure  clinical procedures / SOPs in line with such standards
  • Works with the quality team and Performs periodic audits and submits reports to management.
  • Scientifically does root cause analysis of problems in clinical area and takes corrective / preventive action.
  • Integrate ethical principles in to all aspects of practice.


  • Establish a standard clinical Manual that ensures effective practice, adheres to NABH and other applicable regulatory standards.
  • Develop and maintain appropriate clinical records, documents, training records as per the standard requirement.
  • Ensure appropriate clinical / quality audits as per plan and improve the SOPs / Work instructions as per recommendation / corrective action plan

People Development

  • Accomplishes quality assurance objectives by orienting, training, coaching, counselling, and disciplining employees.
  • Identifies the training needs of employees and works with the HR team to organize structured training and development programme for the clinical staff.
  • Evaluates training outcome and works towards improving the training effectiveness. Ensures skill development both in the technical and behavioural areas.
  • Conducts individual development program for long term career planning and individual development.
  • Is a role model to reportees, demonstrates leadership, commitment and walk the talk.


  • Discuss long range clinical needs with management and Human resource to prepare and implement manpower planning and recruitment program.
  • Review short listed candidates’ CVs and ensure that they meet the Job specification.
  • Participate in preliminary interviews and assess functional capabilities of the candidates.